Bee Pollen Oil



Bee Pollen Oil, by Soytanicals, is highly regarded by tattoo shops who swear the skin heals before their very eyes. Bee Pollen Oil is also loved by nurses who have severe contact dermatitis.  The vibrant energies within the bee pollen, trace minerals and enzymes help make Bee Pollen Oil the wonder oil that it is.  Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, Bee Pollen Oil enjoys and indefinite shelf life.  Phemionmal for skin respiration, our invention just has a load of synergy.  Also see Green Tea Oil, for another maverick product by Soytanicals.

Normally used in the superficial wound healing and massage areas, Bee Pollen Oil can also be used in the bath for complete distribution on the skin, as well as a preparation before certain spa procedures-such as a wax bath.  Click here to order today