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                          MWHL Etsy Awards Holiday Shopping 2008

One of my favorite job descriptions is picking out Mabel White DIY Etsy Awards.   A few times a year we select talented "artists of the hand made" that shine with originality, composition and "movement!"  SLAVKO is great [first right-but I have the Goldfish!]   and all of the 21 below woth Slavko made our awards lists for autumn/winter 2008.  When buying a special gift consider hand made and shopping at Etsy.  This supports the American Crafter one of our most important causes.  Plus hand made gifts are ALWAYS the most memorable and special. 
Aran turtleneck jumper

Angie's Seamless Chunky Knit Sweater Pattern

GOLDFISH, great looking PENDANT, abstract, REAL CERAMICS, 24k details
Wool/Mohair/Acrylic Lace Patterned Hat - Ready for the Ski Slopes - Women's Size Medium
Maple Leaf Treehugger Mug 2
Orange and Turquoise Mug with Speckles
Aran modern jumper
Touch Me Glitz Hand Knit Original Sweater
Belle Armoire Cover Sweater Original Design
Celtic Poncho Superwash wool
SEASHORE Bracelet Mother of Pearl Aurora Borealis Gold Pearl FREE SHIP
Mother of Pearl Rosary with Sacred Heart of Jesus Center
Golden Pearl Bracelet
Mother of Pearl Bracelet
Sweet Lavender Heart Earrings
Fabric Lunch Bag New Style
IBIZA SEA COLORS, nice PENDANT, abstract, REAL CERAMICS, 24k details
Batik Butterfly Bag
Large Zipper Tote or Girls Overnight Bag
Rainbow Magic, Beautiful Art Quilt Wallhanging
Sugar and Spice Flannel Rag Quilt
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Angie McCartney's Tea Company!

I have had no time to run Harry's Teas-and Angie McCartney has done up a beautiful Tea web site with the Rooibos, Earl Grey and Greens.  Shipping was VERY reasonable, like $4 for my $30 order and Pay Pal friendly as well.  I HIGHLY recommend you order tea from Angie!  Holidays are coming and what a NOVEL and affordable gift to a tea lover!   Angie is a minority woman owned business.  Click here to see Mrs. McCartneys Tea Site!  And tell her Mabel sent ya!  [yes she is Paul's Step Mom and helped him manage his Wings fan club...]  

Make sure to stop by and see her video, it is so charming.  Her cat walks by and she does not get distracted with that at all.    She also has a "Tea Club" to email any news so lets help her populate that!  Her curriculum vitae is VERY moving, and let's not forget one of her favorite causes the Linda McCartney Breast Cancer Centre.

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Deborah Dolen photo 2008


What I am Into These Days..by Deborah R. Dolen

Beyond the mess of IKE, click here if you really want to hear about that....otherwise...

I LOVE those dryer balls!  I have FOUR now!!! 

You know those 'As Seen on TV?" Well, they are cool.  Like $10 for two of them-and they really do fluff your towels like nothing I have ever seen!  If you recall I am anti-paper towel when you can go green and just buy 10 or 20 white cotton hand clothes, rewashing them as needed.  If you remember I learned this in the UK.  They simply do not have paper towels and I was in upscale downtown London. 

The Green Movement, to which I subscribe does not particularly like these plastic dryer balls-because they are made with PVC.  I do not think that is a big deal when ALL of our hot water runs through PVC pipes.  End of debate.  I wish they were made in America is my only qualm.  So, OK, I am 98% green WITH fluffy towels.

Everclear 190 proof by Deborah Dolen

I love this 190 proof grain alcohol.  I used to read about it in room spray recipes and even body splashes.  I would chuckle and say "Gee, if the body splash does not work, drink it!"  After being in home chemistry for a while now, I understand it is a top grade solvent and has a multitude of uses.   My fine perfume oil blends take on a new life when they are dropped into this 190 proof alcohol.  It "finishes it" and brings out every note.  This is how fine perfume is made.  I create mine with essential and fragrance oils.  You can even soak vanilla, woods, oak moss in the alcohol to extract scents. 

I buy the Mohawk brand, just because I am loyal to the Mohawks.  But I found Mohawks don't make it, some dudes in Kentucky do.  Unfortunately 190 degree proof anything is not legal in California, Florida, any state that begins with "M", Nevada, NY, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington.  Well, that constitutes all of my demographics.  If you are lucky you can still get a 151 proof version.  A bottle costs around $15 for 750 ml [approx 30 ounces.]  I can say it is all natural so I think its "green!"

I use it for a lot of things, most recently to drop 20% lemon grass in and spray the beejezus out of entry ways and any area a mosquito can live in.  People do use it as a refreshing body splash base and room spray base.  I have not seen any all year until IKE came around.  I am positive I got them, at minimum I inebriated them all.  Actually a liquid castile soap base and water could be sprayed where they nest in standing water, they seriously do not like that either. 

Most importantly we use Everclear to wipe down our laboratory and no has ever transferred sickness since.  We wipe down key boards, toilet and, facets and anywhere many people touch.

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www.Grou.ps THE Site for Communication and Collaboration: Chat, Blog, everything!

At the start of 2008 I was looking for a way to talk to all my associates via an easy forum, that was easy to sign in and easy to sign out.  I know just because something is expensive does not mean it is better.  So after looking at the $60 per user fees of some boards, and overwhelming ads on free ones-I came across Grou.ps which is not dot com, it is dot ps.  It is state of the art, free, and at the present time-ad free.  It is secure, safe, and I am able to talk to a lot of people, at the same time. We use it to post photos, chat live, store our word documents, and even work in wiki together editing the same document at the same time.  I cannot list here all of the thing we do with Grou.ps but I am positive there is no easier or aesthetically pleasing forum than Grou.ps.

I needed a compressive platform.  A blog like structure and a place people can also post their thoughts if they are not around to chat live. It does it all.  My two boards are private to members only-but you can see some sections we allowed viewable.  I have considered this for our retail divisions-I am still debating it.  I do not want to get bombarded with questions like "how do I preserve salt?"  [In case you did not know salt IS one of the oldest preservatives in history of man kind.] 

For all the ladies [and gents] who have small business web sites this is a GREAT, EASY, and FREE platform.  You can link it right into your existing site.  And it allows you to do promos, keywords, and other public features that also help you market.  Also perfect for clubs and social gatherings.

It is my opinion after meeting the Architect Emre Sokullu, that number one, he is a genius, and number two, over the next two years this company will be to  web communications what Google is to search engines.  I truly believe that, and why I am on their Board of Directors as a volunteer advisor.  Create a Site (make sure you have cool names picked out) Go to Gou.ps  Home Page The front page does not tell you much-just take a day off and GO IN THERE AND DO!  That is what I did.  Have cool photos ready on your hard drive for whatever it is you are doing.  It was new to me and I really did not have to ask any questions. Everything was pretty clear.  Because it is FREE, you have to figure to learn it without a lot of questions and it was constructed to do that.

See our model frame Apothecary University and Mabel's Distributor Board.  Generally private you can still see some features we allowed public.  Click here for another article on Grou.ps

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