Breakthrough:  Natural Sweet Oil

For two years we have been searching for an all natural oil based sweetener for use in lip balm manufacturing.  Until now, saccharin was about the only option on the market when it came to a necessary oil based component.  We discovered a certain type of fractionated coconut oil, from a specific region,  is naturally sweet and we are thrilled to carry this product.  Fractionated coconut oil in general does not have a distinctive coconut flavor, so it does not interfere with flexibility in flavoring.  This oil is sweet, but not so sweet it would cause licking of the lips, which has been a viable argument for those who prefer no sweetener agent all.

Because we love this new all natural oil so much, we have happily and totally eliminated saccharin based oil sweetener from our product line.  This oil is not to be confused with the standard fractionated coconut oil we sell on the carrier oil chart.  This is a VERY sweet oil.  We recommend only 5 drops of Mabel's Sweet Oil to four ounces of the oil portion of any lip balm or jelly recipe for maximum experience.  This means only a few drops will go a very long way.  You will want to experiment with desired amounts as personal taste varies.  Too much oil and it will be way too sweet.   For those who manufacture lip materials, fractionated coconut oil is what you would list. 

One of our largest customers actually assisted in this breakthrough and she makes a wonderful "Rose" lip balm that also includes powdered rose petals.  We just love her products and cannot get enough of them. 

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