Complete Educational Set of Mabel White Works!

Includes all Popular TV/DVD Video's and Books!

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Hours of fun and specific skill learning!  Great for teens also!  You get...

TV DVD Video's

Spiral Bound Books

Making Your Own Toiletries

Making Melt and Pour Soap

Making Heavily Scented Candles

Making Gift Baskets

Floral Design 101 (Vase)

Floral Design 102 (Container)

The Bathroom Chemist

Making Melt and Pour Soap & Recipes

Making Heavily Scented --- - - Candles

Making Your Own Gift Baskets

Floral Design Basics




  Complete Educational Set of Mabel White Works!


*Book signing offer below has expired.  If requested in comment box on an order, we will most likely get your book(s) signed and dated by the author, but this is not guaranteed.


You may not know it, but Mabel's older books are considered Collector's Items by various book collectors and are selling for 10 times the normal price not even signed.  Typically this author discontinues a book she feels is no longer quality enough to be in the Mabel line, and for some reason Collector's jump on them.  See below for some examples.  It does not matter what the book is, so do not worry about that.  As we said all current examples below being sold on Amazon for outrageous prices are not even signed!

The reason for this offer is two fold.  One is because the books and DVD video's are awesome and will teach the consumer exactly what they need.  We even show where to buy materials local, and cheaply when possible.  Few companies do that.  We hope this increases customer loyalty to our purity, although in no way do we push to make you buy our products.  All Books will be signed and dated!

The other reason is because you do deserve signed books!  If anyone profits from Mabel's books it should be our customers.  So, if you order this week, I will sign and date the inside cover of your books.  I love all of the DVD's as they are State of the Art.

Books, well, the Animal Lover's Treats Recipe Book has been re-edited to included Greenie Bones and a "cook for your dog" diet if they are going through chemotherapy and or are sick.  Leane Ketcherside and I very much a believer that a dog's diet can promote their life span.  I have shared this one page recipe with great success with my neighbors who are dealing with their dogs and Chemo. 

So, the Lemonade Stand Didn't Work has been revised an now available.  It has been off the market for a few years, although it appears it is still being sold.  It is an highly inspiring book about Dolen's life, also known as the Author Mabel White.  The new version has fairy dust in it (infectious) and the paper smells like Sandalwood and Rose.  Only 10,000 of these are planned to be signed and sold.

Other books we suggest are Mabel White's Christmas, Selling Your Crafts, and Kitchen Art's, although we love all of our books.

Happy Learning!

Deborah R. Dolen

Current Examples of Unsigned High Prices  $195.79  (The Natural Soap Maker)  $196.25 (Maid Holistic) $195.79  (The Natural Soap Maker)  $196.08 (Making Gift Baskets)