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Letter from the Editor:        

September 19th, 2010

The new year represents Mabel White's tenth anniversary of articles about making your own natural and quality products at home while saving your family money in the process.  The end of this great decade also represents new and innovative forms of delivery of Mabel White Do-It-Yourself content to multiple platforms such as RSS feeds.   This news article will cover the best of Mabel White content over the last ten year span as well as center our writers to create new and exciting content based on this summation.  New content will be submitted on platforms such a Facebook, Twitter and RSS from our site.  Click here to see what RSS looks like.  Deborah Dolen on World News by Mabel WhiteThe coolest photo of the last ten years is on the bottom of this page! ;)  20% off code for you spoiled people - our "Anniversary" is 2010 - duration, until midnight Presidents Day or WSL.  Photo of Deborah Dolen courtesy of World News.

Back  to MWHL goals 2010-our future books, for example, are coming out on Kindle after Labor day 2010 and we will be working with Amazon all summer to this end.  47% of all Amazon sales are for Kindle.  We embrace these new technologies because they give Mabel staff a neat chance to interact with our readers horizontally on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr - not just doling out information vertically.  Often our readership has great improvements and/or contributions on our recipes and formulas.  So this new direction allows the dynamism inherent with neat people and neat ideas.  Best, the new technology also allows us to interact more frequently.  The best articles and recipes over the last ten years are linked below.    Have a great 2010!  Editor in Chief, Deborah R. Dolen

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How to "Go Green" with Class While Going Natural as Well by Deborah Dolen

Of course you separate your empty cans from your glass bottles and make sure paper products also go in dedicated bins meant just for them.  You even bought those hideous looking bags at the grocery store to make a statement that you do not need paper bags.  You are the recycling role model for your community.  But what about you? Click here for Going Green 101

We treat our bodies like we have another one.   D.R. Dolen

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Valentines tip:  One drop of Cassia Essential Oil on a used dryer sheet placed in a heating vent will make the whole house smell like Red Hots candy. (Don't use more than a drop in each room. Cassia is STRONG and too much will make your eyes water!)

Self Apothecary The Book

Bathroom Chemist The Book


London Apothecary Book

  Beekeepers Digest
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Best Mabel White Articles Over 10 Years

(click title for updated and revised article)

sun screen in balm making    

Castile Soap: Slice it, Stamp it, Shred it, Sculpt it!


Melt and Pour Soap Basics

               Make Lotion    

make lip balm

lotion making notes

Rebatching Soap
black cumin oil Lotion & Crème in a Blender Recipe
How much do you save?   Making Cleansing Crème

Room Sprays Made Easy        Maid Holistic

Deb Roy's face Cream Recipe

Power Lip Balm recipe

Note from Deborah the Editor:  The brightest colors are done and edited by me 2010 and work I strongly believe in.  Much of the content  was 4-6 years old where techniques and materials I swear by have changed a bit.  Since I wrote a lot of material and I am still sifting though it all.  Making perfume is next and a topic that it fun and simple-but I see I never explained enough.  How to make perfume will soon be posted in the box above.  There is enough to keep you busy I should hope!  Please keep checking this page. 

Other changes in materials I like?  I like Emu oil again-I am not a vegan so I am over it.  I feel it is one of the most healing oils available and at minimum makes the skin more supple than any product I have ever touched.  I also love it blended with lanolin 50:50 for harsh weather lip protection.  I still love vegetable glycerin applied while I am still wet to solve cold weather itching.  It also goes into my lotions, liquid soaps and any other water based product I can slide it into.  VG attracts moisture from the air.  Hair Conditioner pearls are back in stock but I need someone else's recipe. I never felt mine was the best, although it is "ok"  and many women have created some great detanglers type formulas with them.  Peppermint oil is great for feeling clean and tingly, check mating any skin itching and even in the summer to feel cool.  I am using that with vanilla in my lotion and soap recipes a lot.  I still swear by Black Cumin Oil for my face cleansing base and Bee Pollen oil for lotion making and any other oil based project.  Green Tea oil is also great-having an indefinite shelf life because it is so full of antioxidants-but we make it fresh anyway. Expect a "mint green" final product with that and black cumin as well!  EmulSoy is back in just not for sale to commercial operations-they tend to wipe us out.  Your main oil base can be Safflower high in Vitamin E right off the grocery store shelf.  The only reason it is not outrageous in price is another market makes lots of it or it would be up there with Rose Hip oil and borage.  A yes, I still use flavor oils to scent all of my bath products when I am not using straight essential oil, they smell more perfect than the alternative.  Commercial fragrance oils just have too much junk in them-so I do not sell many fragrances anymore. I take exception to leather and fresh cut grass as they are great for car and household.  Last but not least-consider my facial skin care line, I know I forgot to add it to the supply store at all when I first talked about it here.    I adjusted that.   To see kind of what our laboratory looks like click here!  I often forget how very cool and inspiring it all really is!

After ten years of testing and writing, I feel all of the materials I have listed above have the best bang for the buck.  Have a great 2010 and yes I loved watching that Super Bowl!


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Peppermint Breath Freshener Recipe: Elixir by Deborah Dolen

One day I paid $9 one day for a breath freshener "Elixir" made by AVEDA.  I was at a hair salon and feeling spendy.  The little bottle lasted forever in my purse and really came in handy at the most opportune times.  First was is the definition if elixir?  I wanted to know.  Vegetable glycerin is the same sweet base used for edible massage oils.

  1. [n]  a substance believed to cure all ills
  2. [n]  a sweet flavored liquid (usually containing a small amount of alcohol) used in compounding medicines to be taken by mouth in order to mask an unpleasant taste

Recently I found out that little bottle cost no more then 40 cents to make!  What do you need to make it?   A dram bottle with a nipple, vegetable glycerin and a just FEW drops of Peppermint essential oil.  For long term use buy a glass bottle with a dropper.  Mix well because Peppermint oil can deteriorate the plastic.  Transfer your potion with a pipette. Highly recommended for kissing.  You can even do an off shoot like strawberry-mint. 

Our menthol crystals are very powerful and can be heated in any edible oil base.  Just a few crystals will do the trick.  This is excellent for those who smoke, or have bad breath for medical reasons.  Very powerful and fresh.  You may consider one drop of clove essential oil for mouth sores and so on.  You can also use a small spray mist bottle.

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And this project below summer of 2009 that I designed from scratch.  Many customers aspire to make their hobby room look like this so great if you can also.  I built it around stainless from Sam's Club  and actually wood wine boxes they gave me free there.  ~D.R.Dolen

Public Relations Portfolio

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About Author Deborah Dolen return to home page

Deborah Dolen is the Editor in Chief for Mabel White DIY and author of over 25 DIY books, 1,000 articles and several TV "how to" Films.  Deborah Dolen is also an environmental writer and has her own content syndication.  Deborah Dolen was widowed when she was on her 30's and went on to raise three great daughters in FL up against many obstacles.  This is the time period she generated her most fascinating DIY books.

Deborah Dolen was born in a Catholic Infant Home on Niagara Falls, the U.S. side.  It was known as Our Lady of Victory.  Deborah grew up in the Adirondack mountains in Upstate New York although moved around a lot and always in transition.  Her teenage years were more stable and thoroughbred race horses were her passion. She skipped school a lot in the 70's to walk and groom the likes of Man o' War and Secretariat.  When she was not grooming horses in Saratoga she was hitting the ski slopes of Killington in Vermont, Pikes Peak, or Gore Mountain to name a few.  To this day K-2's are her favorite skis and Head are her favorite bindings.

In her 20's  Deborah Dolen built some 520 legal clinics for the poor from the ground up and ran for 17 years.  People simply needed affordable legal access and that still has not changed much.  Having grown up poor and discriminated against-even disallowed to play with certain toys...Deborah had never been a quiet type and bucked many regimes as an adult.  In the 80's she felt almost all legal fees were oppressive to the majority for no reason and feels they still are.  Her organization helped well over 100,000 people.  Many of those were able to teach other people in turn.  As with health care, Canada does not charge its citizens for most common family law issues and Deborah feels family issues, including financial ones, should not be a feeding frenzy in the states as it still certainly is. No one should profit of the demise of another person.

Fast forward a few decades and Deborah Dolen is very much into flying and canine rescue as well as DIY projects she writes about and films from her Florida home.  Although her passions have always been with horse racing she is very into auto racing, focus and performance in Daytona and Charlotte, NC.  Deborah presently writes about environmental topics beyond DIY subjects that will always fascinate her.  Her dog Ringo, adopted from Katrina, is usually by her side.

You can join Deborah Dolen her on twitter facebook or check out her home page for RSS syndication.    See demos of her work on YouTube here and Amazon here.  Mabel White