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101 Gift Ideas to Make for Under $5


My co-workers bet me I could not do this because even a pack of clothes pins exceeds a $5 these days.  Just so I do not loose a bet, lets give it a try!  Most of these are make your own type ideas.
Picture of Hillhouse Naturals Paperwhite Candle in Tin$1.50 8 Ounce Fragranced Soy Candle in a Tin $1 Mega Crayon
$3 Make a Long Lasting and Economical Floral Arrangement with Carnations. $1 Make Bulk Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows!

Mabel's Drink Mixes


Make A CD ROM With   Their Favorite Music     


Make A Photo on Your PC and Frame a Collage  


Wrap up a Bottle of Non-Alcoholic Champagne

$2 Make a Candle from a Garage Sale Tea Cup 
swirl.jpg (31222 bytes)$3 Make Chocolate Covered Spoons



Amish Starter Yeast and Recipe in a Crock 

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