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Floral Design Video

T V   V I D E O  P R O D U C T I O N S

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Floral Design in Vases:  (Lesson 1 of 2)

Discover how easy it is to build gorgeous fresh floral centerpieces and arrangements which reflect your own style and taste.  Learn the Art of Floral Design the Mabel White DIYCorporation.   These techniques apply to fresh floral as well as silk.  *What do you need? As with any industry passion to learn and motivation to be the best you can be.  Even if you do not aspire to be a floral designer, you will learn so many powerful theories for life.   One small example is why do some roses not open?  And how to tell they will never open before you buy them.  After watching this video, you will be able to quickly arrange flowers to give a friend, make better use of flowers in your garden, and best of all, know how to "fix" flowers that you may have received.  Did we say "fix?"  Yes.  For example around the holidays, some floral stores will just deliver a dozen roses in a vase and not de-thorn or de-foliate them.  Roses must be de-thorned to absorb water and to live much longer.  They must also have any leaves removed that are under water level to ensure the longest pleasure.  An aspirin is the best to add to any fresh arrangement, and changing the water every few days will expand the life of a floral arrangement.  Designers are people with a desire to create.  Our video's are designed to pull the designer out in you.  Click photos for enlarged views.

Floral Design in Vases is a one hour DVD so packed full of critical information, we had to make designing in containers a second DVD.  We created a very affordable price of $14.95 for each.  Designing in containers, the second DVD Video, means a person is using Oasis, or "water foam" as the  base for the flowers.  These Floral Design DVD's Video's are excellent even if your only goal is to create beautiful ensembles from your own garden, or to tastefully arrange flowers purchased at a farmer's market or from a wholesale floral company.  If you have a friend who owns a floral shop, you will be qualified to help come holiday season.  Excellent for shops who would like to train their staff.  Once you grasp the basic elements of floral design, you will be able to throw together fabulous presentations in minute.  You will also learn what types of flowers last the longest, what are the most requested, what are greens, and how do you select them, and so much more.  Our videos emphasize fresh flowers, but also take time to demonstrate silk design and what slight differences exist between arrange a fresh floral design as well as a silk design.  They are very alike when it comes to design.  We also teach you how to make fabulous bows in minutes. 

Nothing illuminates a room like tastefully arranged flowers.  Unfortunately, most of us don't know how to display flowers properly, or aim to buy longer lasting varieties, and they often end up clumsily thrown together in a vase.

Basic Floral Design by MWHL teaches you how to select fresh flowers, what fresh flowers last the longest, as well as 16 different types of striking floral arrangements suitable for all kinds of occasions. In this intriguing and simple to grasp DVD you will learn how to transform common fresh cut flowers into stunning designs for your home or business. By combining different textures and colors you will learn to archive stunning designs to brighten your home and create beautiful arrangements for special occasions. 

Her passion for flowers and just the smell of stepping into a floral boutique brings back many good memories.  Now 42 years old, she shares even state of the art methods, unique to her. 


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*Floral designers do not need any special licensing or degrees, although many "Floral Schools" will not readily admit that.   See below for purchasing options. 

Floral Design in Containers (Lesson 2 of 2)

Designing in Containers means a person is using Oasis, or "water foam" as the  base for the flowers.  In this one hour DVD video we cover all of the commonly requested arrangements such as "Happy Birth  Day," and "Get Well," while also covering what flowers to select and how to prep the containers for insertion of the focal, premium and support flowers.  A large segment is also dedicated to holiday floral arrangements as well as customary requests and faux paux's to avoid.
In this video we also teach you how to prepare a church/funeral arrangement, which are typically one sided for viewing, as well as etiquette on floral choice for such events.  Floral Design Basic 102 is a sure compliment to Floral Design 101 and we highly recommend you start with 101.
If you are aiming to break into the market, this video will educate you enough to get in the door with most floral boutiques and volunteer your services just before busy holidays.  They may test you on key words you will learn in this video.  Extra help that has a grasp on floral design such as we will teach you is always welcome during their rush time. A good week in any busy floral shop will be all you need to feel "accomplished."  Dependability is paramount if you aim to break into floral design as a career as well as dedication to good design and prudent use of flowers. 

Mabel On-Line Videos Have Arrived. Click here for Beta Offer!


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