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Because food is so important to survival, food preservation is one of the oldest technologies used by human beings. Perhaps it should be no surprise that out of 100 of our cookbooks Make Your Own Meat Jerky is our best seller.  It includes 100's of recipes including making jerky with ground meats. 

The Ball Blue Book® is the most comprehensive and affordable "how to" book on food preservation. This contemporary edition features gourmet and special diet recipes, along with home canning classics and illustrated step-by-step instructions.  Everything you need to know about on pressure cooking, home canning, and preservation.  It includes all of the basic canning recipes and many fantastic newer ones!  All pages are four color gloss with lots of photos.  

Soft cover, 120 pages, 8 3/8" × 10 7/8".

What do we like to can?  We find it is hard to can any items with cheese, eggs or milk.  We learned that the hard way.  Therefore, we like to can things we would practically consume later.  We have a ton of fun doing this and it is so easy.  These items would include fresh corn right off the cob, tomatoes, as well as tomato bases, potatoes or green beans seasoned with ham, chicken fajita soup base, chili meat base, many kinds of fruits when in season, cranberry-raspberry jell (to use and give as gifts for Thanksgiving, (basically cranberry jell mixed with raspberry preserves and maybe a little Chambord liqueur,) and three bean salad, just to name a few.  We also love to can BBQ sauces to use and give as gifts.  

Spices have long played an important role in food preservation and we came up with ten classic recipes commonly used in the household to mix and make your own spices.  The final product is better than the stores and you can save money buy purchasing in bulk from places like flea markets.  Mabel's Best Spice and Dip MixesWe recommend you store your mixes in little mason jars designed by Harvest for salt and pepper. Each one of our recipes was designed and measured perfectly to fit in these little jars.  If you cannot find these little jars at your local dollar store, they are also available by Mabel Supply Company.   For the real rugged individualist we have created excellent camping recipes.  Please see Camping Recipes.



*Note we buy these fresh every Saturday from our Sarasota Farmer's Market and mail out spice orders on Monday. Click thumbnail for a view of these fresh and vibrant spices!  Our favorite is Chipolte and  Black Cumin for chili.  Dried honey and mustard are also great for meat rubs.

50 Great Vibrant & Fresh Spices!

Copy of 1Spices.jpg (77975 bytes)

  Try our powdered chipolte and black cumin for great chili,  powdered horseradish & powdered honey for great glazes, and more!

1/2 Ounce Bags


Select an oil
from the list below:

We also sell true Vanilla Powder in a Dextrose base here! 

A food dehydrator is only about $30 at Wal-Mart and is one of the best investments you can make.  With a dehydrator you can make great beef jerky, fruit roll ups with simple pureed fruit, and our own "vegetable roll ups" made with tomato paste and even pepperoni if the pizza thing is what your kids will buy into.  Having the kids help prepare the creation makes eating it all the more fun! You can also make meat jerky's with ground or whole meats as well as the typically cost prohibitive "sun dried tomatoes."  Fruits and vegetables now rarely go to waste in our kitchen.  We tend to dry them out and powder them for later use in soups and such.  Dried pineapple dipped in honey is also another great use for a dehydrator not to mention dried fruits for homemade granolas. Our Make Your Own Meat Jerky book also includes a great vegetable roll up recipe we made and a flexible ground meat jerky recipe. 

The Amish Starter Yeast Recipe is also another beloved family project.  We find yeast to be very expensive and therefore we keep our initial yeast mix alive to replenish itself.  Our recipe includes enough starter to ultimately give some away to three friends.  Please read Save Money on Yeast!  Starter Recipe!


We find making BarBQ sauce is fun and we make enough to give away to friends.  We use either wine bottles with corks or empty root beer or beer bottles such as IBC and Corona.  Interestingly standard corks also fit in these unique looking bottles.  See Famous BarBQ Recipes.

PreservesAt Mabel White we love to can!  We aim to can ANYTHING!  We find pressure cooking is great to make delicious food when time permits and to consume the final product  during special moments when time is an issue.   With canning you can create many  a delicious meal.  

Since the author of many of our books is from Florida, being without electric during hurricane conditions for days is not uncommon.  These following recipes we inspired by her desire to be able to eat decent food when having to go with out power for a stretch:    

20 Basic Canning Recipes, Make Your Own Jams, and Make The Best Preserves!

Although we think Harvest Mason Jars are the prettiest, Ball carries a decorative selection of small jelly jars and lids.  These are available at Mabel Supply Company. 


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