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Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

Copyright Mabel White                                 

How to Make Bath Bombs? Updated May 2005!

     Making your own bath bombs, for instance,  is so easy and is basically made up of one part baking soda to one part citric acid, a little cornstarch and fragrance oil. We just updated because we found a little melted butter, such as Shea, Mango, Coconut, or other fats really do help keep things together and do not interfere with the fizz. In fact they help with moisturizing the skin!  We used a few tablespoons of melted butter for every two cups of dry mixture.  We also incorporated the color and fragrance into the warm oil before mixing with the dry ingredients.  This seems to allow for equal dispersion of color and fragrance.  We now find you can spritz a teaspoon of food colored water or just water to help them set, but not enough to make them go off.

We recommend again, you use a hand mixer because a blender will fog your plastic.  When you are done with your mixture it should be clumpy and you can press vary hard into uniform hand made snow balls or press VERY firmly into a heart or round shaped soap mold.   The grade of citric acid is very important.  The higher the grade the more bang for your buck.  Mabel sells the hard to find highest grade of citric acid, any scent you can imagine. 

"My favorite, is a Therapy Bath Bomb, which you can substitute in the above recipe the warming oils of ginger and mustard powder, along with coriander, clove and cinnamon." 

I just love the simplicity of the look of plain old vanilla with no color additives.  Refreshing with Vanilla, Jasmine Flowers, Saffron, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Neroli Oil and restraining on any color addition is simply beautiful.  Anything containing Neroli oil is self-evidently absolutely gorgeous because it is good for the skin and delightful for your head; with lemon and orange oils as well, it is impossible to feel anything less than wonderful after an encounter. Whatís more the saffron stamens, which appear with the jasmine petals when the Prince starts fizzing, gradually turn the bath water pale gold as you lie there, appreciating its intoxicating scent. Itís the perfect bath.  These recipes can be found in The Bathroom Chemist and our new and revised Self Apothecary.  

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