Mother's Day: Great Gift in a SNAP!!   by Deborah Dolen

In a pinch for Mother's Day?  I bet you are!  Forget buying over priced fresh flowers that were probably cut premature for the mass demand holiday.  Make these real looking "silk" decorations for your Mom in a snap!  Awesome if there are "two" Moms to plan for!  They retail for at least $44 if you were to buy them from a silk flower company.  They cost under $9 to make your self.

Run by the Grocery store and get 3 or 4 quart canning jars (usually in the seasonal section near "charcoal"), then bop over to Michaels Craft Center and buy the "gel" that looks like water.  (Yes, they sure have it...) and grab four or five pretty silk hyacinths while you are there.  When you get home, simply snap (or cut with wire cutters) the stem, and angle the buds in the mason jars with the gel setting. You can do this with Silk Rose buds to, making them appear to float in water.  Just do this carefully and you will have a AWESOME design for Mom in a jiff.  You may want to get some beautiful ribbon and tie them together to present as a gift.  If you want to extra fancy, Lavender (or Rose) Bath Items and room spray would compliment the floral gift quite well.  I would just grab the bath items from a pharmacy.    Have a GREAT weekend and good luck!  Now let's hope your Mom does not read this or you know what you may be getting in return!  Cooler-you can do this every year and give her different colors to work with.  Here is a link to an on-line seller of faux water

Deborah Dolen, Editor in Chief Mabel White DIY

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Making Crème and Lotion in a Blender with Emulsoy™ by Deborah Dolen for advanced lotion making notes click here

Lotion and Crème' is basically making oil and water mix.  Introducing our New One Step EmulSoy!  (TM) We made lotion and crème' making even easier!   Our recipe makes 36+ ounces of the best lotion or crème!  Forget the Steric acid, and borax  as well as messy and costly emulsifying waxes!  This one is pre-measured for this recipe and does it all.   Always best to have your containers ready and labeled.  You can exchange more oil in your recipe for the water-as long as the total fluid is the same. Updating 2010 we now use a stick blender to have more control than a drink blender and heat our water part in a plastic pitcher.  We blend the lotion in the pitcher and that also makes for easy pouring into containers.

Basic Emulsoy™ Lotion Instructions Makes 36 ounces


1/4 of one 4 Ounce Bar of EmulSoy™

27 Ounces of Distilled Water, Aloe or Hydrosol

9 Ounces of Carrier Oil

1/3 ounce Germaben IIE or preservative

Up to 2 Tablespoons Essential or Fragrance Oil

Stick blender, Pyrex Measuring Cup (2), Rubber Spatula, Oven Mitts, Candy or Cooking Thermometer, Sterile containers (Mason jars work well) to hold finished lotion.  See recent article on "free pouring by Deborah Dolen--click here"


Cut the Emulsoy™ bar into a quarter bar. Measure the carrier oil (or combination of oils) into the microwave-safe Pyrex measuring cup. Add the Emulsoy™ to the oil(s). Microwave until the EmulSoy bar disappears. This may be up to 4 to 6 minutes.  Remove and set aside.

Now measure out the water part into the second measuring cup and heat it in the microwave until it reaches the heat the oil is at-usually 148 degrees. Using tap water is just not good because water sources are not what they appear to be.   If we did use tap water we would heat it up past 170 degrees to kill any bacteria or microbes.  We use plastic because it does not get hot to touch.  If using glass, remove with oven mitts, set aside and cover with a paper towel to avoid contamination. Allow both the water and the oil to cool down to 120 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  *They should be mixed at similar temperatures, no matter what that temp is--to mix properly. [This is the main area people mess up.  They try to mix oil and water at very different temps-and it will separate later.]

Having your water in a pitcher Slowly pour the oil mixture into the water, blending with a stick blender as you pour.  Never add water to oil--it will do a volcano thing.  This is another reason you do not dump oil all at once into water.  When the lotion is 120 to 110 degrees (about 20 minutes) add the Germaben IIE. Blend with a stick blender in a sterile container.  You can use Alcohol 90% or higher to wipe down an object--to ensure it is sterile.  This is also the time to add any scent, or precious essential oils.

Consistency.  Do not let it fool you.  It may look like beautiful half and half just after you make it. Over night it will swell up to at least three to four times the thickness you first see.  

Basic Emulsoy™ Crème Instructions

The same method as making lotion, except you will use 50% oil and 50% water, and 1/2 bar or more of Emulsoy.   


See recent article on "free pouring by Deborah Dolen--click here"

Click here to buy EmulSoytm.

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For The Ladies!

When you feel that nobody loves you,

Nobody cares for you,

And everyone is ignoring you,

You should start asking yourself...


Am I TOO sexy?

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Other News...Long awaited Beekeepers Digest is now in print and the book is lovely!  Click here to order...Beat the Skeets...Already I am hearing our lemon creme and lotion is loved by men as well, and working better than Skin So Soft for night time cook outs.  Meaning the bugs do not like the scent, but the humans do!  They say it is also working far better than any citrus candle.

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Making Cleansing Crème by Deborah Dolen

Night creams nor cleansing creams seem much different than making simple lotion.  It appears to be all in the marketing.  So, I recommend using the lotion or crème recipe above to make your cleansing products.  I looked at what I consider my favorite creamy cleansing cream for years, Almay, and found it is basically water and mineral oil. Yuk. After noticing that, I think I could do better, by far. Even though I have oily skin, I understand the purpose of adding more oil to your skin is to lift any dirt up and out, thus I use cleansing creams and not soaps.  Using cleansing creams instead of soaps has always worked for me. I have always known that it helps to have your face as warm as possible when using a cleansing cream, to really open up the pores and clean them.  Cleansing crème or "milks" are simply lotion recipes that are oil heavy.  The more oil the less preservative you need to be worried about anyway.  I would create a cleansing milk with 80% oil to 20% water.  I would also use something awesome such as black cumin seed oil as that oil part.  Read below about black cumin which comes out a mint green if you were interested and seems to last forever because it is full of antioxidants.  This is so good no store even sells such a thing. It would not be practical for a mass market, for a large skin care company to depend on one raw material.

Other ideas of cleansing crème or "milks" would include:  Olive or castor oil, Rose water, Calendula and/or Comfrey teas (for the water portions,) and a few drops of Essential Oils such as Lemongrass, Clary Sage, Geranium, Sweet Birch Tree oil, Bergamot, and/or Lavender, as well as a few drops of Vitamin E oil.  For dry ingredients I may want to add Golden Seal root and/or Mugwort.  So combinations may be Olive/Rose or Castor/Calendula and other additives that compliment those essences.  I would probably add a lot of Vitamin E and some ROE to my cleansing cream to extend the life of the oil, and make my cleansing cream in small batches.  If given a choice I would take Vitamin E oil over ROE any day and that is what I do these days. I am tired of ROE changing the color a tad of my products.  ROE still has a place, just I have become more Vitamin E dependant.  No matter what few ingredients I use to make my cleansing cream, based on the lotion recipe above, anything is better than the water and mineral oil I have been using until now.   Presently I am using a Black Cumin Seed and Carrot oil base I am very happy with.  It turned out a pastel green color with an aroma from heaven.  

See recent article on "free pouring by Deborah Dolen--click here"

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To the right is lavender butter made with Shea and two types of lavender, as is all of the MM lavender collection.  The only other ingredient is Soy Wax to be a "bridge" keeping the butter from being too liquid with a high essential oil load of 5%.  The butter is purported to really help with eczema so it was given priority in being added to the lavender collection.

Scent Choice:  Bulgarian Lavender is my true love, with pronounced floral notes and no camphor as is true with many of the Lavenders.  However a second Lavender is being produced in France that has the floral notes with the subtle woody aroma that hits us when we smell dried lavender or walk into a natural food store.  I love it, so I combined the two with great success.  ***Color is achieved by Blue Malva and/or Blue Chamomile Essential Oil.


Lavender is very relaxing, I spay the essential oils on my pillows with no worry of stain.  A Teddy Bear is ideal, you or a loved one can keep refreshing it.  The lotion and/or cream is strong enough to apply on wrists before retiring.

Tip:  Never have lavender in the bedroom if you are after something more than sleep!  I bath with Lavender at night and a few drops of Rosemary essential oil, which drops tension.



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Item Lavender and Lemon Collections Price
Mabel's Miracle Lemon & Vanilla Body Lotion with pump 8 Ounce $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lemon & Vanilla Body Creme 8 Ounce $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lemon Body Polish 4 Ounce $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lemon Bath Salts 1 LB $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lavender Body Lotion with pump 8 Ounce $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lavender Body Creme 8 Ounce $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lavender Bath Salts 1 LB $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lavender, Bulgarian Butter 4 Ounce $96.00 $12

             20% off =  

Classic Collection  
Green Tea Anti-Aging Balm Stick gift
Bee Pollen Therapeutic Balm Stick gift
Mabel’s Miracle Mustard Bath 8 Ounce $8
Mabel’s Miracle Natural Wax Jelly 4 Ounce $6
Mabel’s Miracle Bee Pollen Hand Crème, 8 Ounce $16
Mabel’s Miracle Green Tea Foot Crème , 8 Ounce              $46.00 $16

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Going Green Ideas with Class by  Mabel White

Exchange paper towels for cloth. Our favorite green practice actually goes back to a trip to the United Kingdom!  Generally Londoners have less per square foot living quarters and have to make every inch of it count.  They are also very accustomed to using natural resources sparingly.  It is hard to find "paper towels" at any UK residents abode.  They use cloth and simply throw the cloth in with their wash.  After understanding that concept, we thought about just how much we spend on paper towels per week.  It was like $40 a week in our laboratories and a good $8.00 in our households.  We went ahead and spent $50 on lots of white wash clothes and hand towels for both areas, knowing it was the last time we would spend gobs on paper towels.  This has saved us in excess of $2,000 over a year period. 

Drying clothes outside and skipping the Dryer not only saves money, but also extends the life of your clothing such as cottons and silks.  Many Europeans do this, and it can be done tastefully without infringing on the "neighbors" view.  For winter months we use wooden racks inside the house.  Clothes are dry over night which most of us do not know, because we are so spoiled with Kenmore.  Consider hand washing dishes.  That may save a good $20 a month on your energy bill.  Do use one eco friendly all purpose cleaner rather than several pricey household detergents.  It saves money and helps the environment.  Make your own Windex, with an old Windex bottle good old vinegar and water. If you want color, you can use a few drops of any food color you like.  Save money on anti bacterial soaps, which often cause a built up resistance-and have 90% proof or higher alcohol in decorated glass vinegar bottles near areas that hands are washed.  That alone can save up to $520 a year.  We use the alcohol to wipe down commonly touched areas like toilet & phone handles when any flu breaks out.  That has helped to reduce transmitted bugs by 90% or more in our work and home areas.  Grow your own herbs year round for cooking, medicine and natural air purification.  Now is teh time to get them, as they are hard to get in the off season months.  Why buy glade when you can purify your air naturally and essentially for free? Basil is gorgeous, a natural air purifier, and you can make pesto and all kinds of other great dishes with it.  You just cannot kill Basil, I grow it in water vases all around the house.  Each sprig grows big and lush-and I do have it year round.  I even use it for floral greens when I make floral arrangements from my garden.  Chocolate Mint has become my second best favorite.  It is also purported to grow in water alone-although I am still experimenting with that. 

There is nothing like fresh infused chocolate mint tea after dinner.  Odd, it is a fairly clear hot liquid and not what you would expect to see. Like Basil, it smells luscious and gently purifiers the air. Lemon Grass and Cilantro are now my 3rd and 4th favorites. Lemon Grass does look like an over grown blade of grass, and again, hard to kill.   Splashed with Lime juice, these two make plain old Chicken Broth a  Thai "Tum Yum" soup real quick!  They are also used in Mexican dishes like fajitas.  I am now freezing fresh herbs with water in ice cube trays.  Plus growing your own herbs is healthier.   I have become a much better cook now, and find it challenging to work with just a few ingredients.  Not so much because of a recession, but more because my diet is so limited to feel great.  In the kitchen now, it is "quality" not "quantity."   A feature protein, fresh vegetables, a great salad dressing-and no tons of starchy sides as most of us our accustomed.   This is better by far for health and weight, better on the budget, allows easier clean up and is very satisfying. Changing our idea of what "delights" us, such as a cup of chocolate peppermint tea instead of a a big fat dessert after dinner.   The truth is, we do not feel that great after a big rich dessert. 

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When stored in the kitchen, near the sink, Mabel's Miracle All Purpose Organic Castile Liquid Soap is very much a conversation piece.  Old fashioned, yet contemporary with its ...graceful crane neck, this is truly a classic product.  The crane actually pumps out one exact ounce of liquid.   The crane can also be re-used later on most any 1/2 gallon bottle.  We keep this liquid Castile by the sink to use as a veggie wash, to make soapy water for dishes, or to clean other areas of the house, such as counter tops and wood flooring.  We also have a bottle in our laundry room where we use this bio friendly soap in conjunction with Borax to meet our laundry needs.  Our Castile liquid soap is safe on skin, but we do not recommend it for that. There are no skin conditioners in this particular soap.  It is made with organic olive and coconut oils.  Made in the America, this is a totally vegetable based soap.  Maid Holistic is a book Mabel wrote with methods and formulas to clean a home naturally.  This is also in e-Book form and free with a purchase of Mabel's Miracle Castile Soap.  Click here to down load the manual.  In the book the author discusses how to "feed" wooden floors with this soap and few drops of Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.  This soap is a fair alternative to Mabel's Organic Oil Soap and can be also used as one would Murphy's, as well as Dr. Bronners.  A 1/2 gallon lasts us a good for months and is over all a great savings by replacing several high end commercial cleaning products.

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I got home from work this afternoon and one of my orders had arrived.  It was the one with the Mabel's Miracles in it.  I am jumping up and down inside!  The products are wonderful and they look fantastic, too.  You've really done a great job with this.  I think that both of the lotions are a superb choice.  One is very uplifting while the other is very calming and soothing.  And I just have to tell you that the rose scented oil that you put in this box is great.  Very soft.  Not cloying in any way, shape or form.  I am so rose picky.  I can't help it, but I will give credit where it is due.  This is a good scent.  I really and truly like it.  If I didn't I wouldn't say a word.  lol

Proctor, GA

I just got my package with Mabel's Miracles for Mothers Day. My Mom and Mother in Law are going to really love these products they look and smell wonderful!. I also just landed my first repeat Massage Creme order. The Spa said that everyone is lovin it!
Just wanted to share!

Eastman, WI

I am a stickler for ingredients and found Mabel White about 3 years ago. After looking for literally years for acceptable products that met my stiff ingredient criteria, I found Mabel White products were EXCELLENT quality. Since working with Deborah, I HAVE learned A LOT more about what true quality is. So... when Deborah, the author, known as Mabel, came out with a line of finished products at the start of 2008, to market to establishments needing them in volume--I JUMPED on board.

I get 50% so it is like being a partner, and Deborah treats me like one too! Beyond quality, the second reason I signed up is that no other company has products EVEN CLOSE the unique products I now sell. Support is UNSURPASSED, we have our own "blog" now and I have seen Deborah promote from within. One Rep who started just before me now runs Mabel Media, simply because she possessed great graphics ability and a Winning Attitude. A few more that signed in just before me will head up other divisions. I am THRILLED with this company and it is quickly becoming a second "family" to me! Not only that, it has INCREDIBLE potential to produce the kind of income that I have been searching for. I KNOW I will do more than better food money! I am making more than I expected in my first few months!!! The repeat nature locks me in.

If you read my method in the Sales Forum, I explained how I got my business moving within just a few hours.

Winkler, ND

Okie, here goes... I love Soytanicals simply because it is a line of products that I TRUST. I KNOW the high quality is never going to be skimped on, and the pure and simple ingredients speak for themselves. I am NOT in it for the money, but the money just...happens. I literally put not even HALF an effort into it, and I have only given out 2 half gallon samples-UNSCENTED! and already the 2 managers are calling me back. Those were my "chumming" samples. Now I am ready to catch the big shark and reel them in. And what it boils down to, is that I trust Deb. She NEEDS us to trust her, and she gives it all back threefold, and then WE profit! She has so much faith in trusting US with her product, her name, and it literally sells itself. Another plus, is that I added some of her bulgarian lavender to the 8oz samples we got and the lotion is keeping my sons eczema in check. I keep it next to the baby for diaper changes and wipe her down each time w/ the rash ever! I know actions speak louder, etc. But I LIKE sittin on my butt and letting the lotion sell itself!

Pastore, NV

I started a bit different from most of Reps here. I found Mabel White site and saw lots of quality supply & had lots of questions, I nerved up and send Deborah my many tedious questions email and seriously was not expecting to get a reply back. But I did! I exchanged several email with Deborah and was ecstatic when she told me that she just came out with a line of products that no one currently carries and customers do buy in volume, you betcha, I jumped on board.

I joined and proud to say I am now selling one of a kind product and with a family oriented company. The support between reps are like brothers and sisters and that there is no another company that has the product that as unique and willing to tailor to the customer needs. And Deborah does promote from within.

I do graphics part time, and Deborah made me the head of Mabel Media--in short order. Her reasoning was because "anything than supports the talent in our group." So, beyond being a Rep, I get to work with her almost on a daily basis! I am expecting soon, so this may allow me to stay home by 2009. No other company has this model--it works.

Quyhn Luu, TX

For the past 15 years, I've been exercising/rehabilitating in the pool 2-5 times a week. I've used lots of different lotions and creams to alleviate the dry flaky skin, especially on my legs, caused by the chlorine.

Since I've been using the Soytanicals Creme, the dry skin on my legs has disappeared, and the rest of my skin is silky smooth and soft. I thought I had to just put up with dry I don't, thanks to Soytanicals Creme.

Pike, CA

Soytanicals to me is a name that has been given to the best products you can get knowing that it is the highest quality available anywhere. In knowing that, when I talk to anyone about it I'm not trying to sell anything really, just sharing what I know and believe. The product sells itself. All the people that are involved with the Soytanicals are WINNERS HANDS DOWN! and just a truly great bunch who know when to be serious but also know how to have fun!

I Trust Deborah, she has everyone's back and best interest as top priority. She is right here with us.

When I think of the Soytanicals opportunity and the experiences involved I smile from the inside out!!

Eastman, WI

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About Author Deborah Dolen return to home page

Deborah Dolen is the Editor in Chief for Mabel White DIY and author of over 25 DIY books, 1,000 articles and several TV "how to" Films.  Deborah Dolen is also an environmental writer and has her own content syndication.  Deborah Dolen was widowed when she was on her 30's and went on to raise three great daughters in FL up against many obstacles.  This is the time period she generated her most fascinating DIY books.

Deborah Dolen was born in a Catholic Infant Home on Niagara Falls, the U.S. side.  It was known as Our Lady of Victory.  Deborah grew up in the Adirondack mountains in Upstate New York although moved around a lot and always in transition.  Her teenage years were more stable and thoroughbred race horses were her passion. She skipped school a lot in the 70's to walk and groom the likes of Man o' War and Secretariat.  When she was not grooming horses in Saratoga she was hitting the ski slopes of Killington in Vermont, Pikes Peak, or Gore Mountain to name a few.  To this day K-2's are her favorite skis and Head are her favorite bindings.

In her 20's  Deborah Dolen built some 520 legal clinics for the poor from the ground up and ran for 17 years.  People simply needed affordable legal access and that still has not changed much.  Having grown up poor and discriminated against-even disallowed to play with certain toys...Deborah had never been a quiet type and bucked many regimes as an adult.  In the 80's she felt almost all legal fees were oppressive to the majority for no reason and feels they still are.  Her organization helped well over 100,000 people.  Many of those were able to teach other people in turn.  As with health care, Canada does not charge its citizens for most common family law issues and Deborah feels family issues, including financial ones, should not be a feeding frenzy in the states as it still certainly is. No one should profit of the demise of another person.

Fast forward a few decades and Deborah Dolen is very much into flying and canine rescue as well as DIY projects she writes about and films from her Florida home.  Although her passions have always been with horse racing she is very into auto racing, focus and performance in Daytona and Charlotte, NC.  Deborah presently writes about environmental topics beyond DIY subjects that will always fascinate her.  Her dog Ringo, adopted from Katrina, is usually by her side.

You can join Deborah Dolen her on twitter facebook or check out her home page for RSS syndication.    See demos of her work on YouTube here and Amazon here.  Mabel White