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How to Get Soft Bed Sheets and Freshen Towels

Since sleep is 30% of your life, this article is very important.  Twelve years ago my Mother in Law gave me three sets of bed sheets and they are the only sheets I have used since.  At the time she gave them to me, they were already four years old and I guess she felt she was ready for new ones.  Used or not, I always found them so soft and comfortable, I could not understand why they were better than the sheets I had back then.  Most importantly, they never developed little balls even the modern high count sheets seem to be prone too.  Now I am ready to buy new sets, and I began a hunt for what material she bought in the first place.  I felt any label on her sets would be long gone, so I did not bother looking.  

I asked many people and they could not even understand what I was getting at.  I bought a set of the expensive 400 count cotton, and noticed they sure do need to be ironed and they were not it.  Finally, in disgust, I found a very worn label on the old sets and they said "Springmaid No Iron" 50% Cotton 50% Poly Percale Sheet.  Boy did I get the answer!  Poly or not, they felt like soft pure cotton, and still are very soft after some 16 years!  I am sure they were not 400 count, maybe 200.  I did some web searches and I see Springmaid is a very old line.  I do see a few companies with this No Iron Percale mix and I will make sure I invest in them as I need sheets.  But in case you did not even know what you are missing, now you do!  I would consider that a very true and long lasting wedding gift.

I read where an expensive hotel spritzes their guest towels with peppermint, as you would use a room spray.  This seems like a very cool idea and another way to get the feeling of royal treatment in your own home.

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