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Making Your Own Chocolate DVD Video


 You can make your own outstanding chocolates as fast as your prepare your morning coffee.  No pun intended, but you can even stir your chocolate with your own mocha spoon!  You can even infuse your chocolate with brandy, green tea extract, lavender, rose and more.  Making your own chocolate also ensures the highest quality for your friends and family as well saving you about 75% of retail bought chocolates.  When you make your own chocolate friends are truly amazed and kids just love to help out.  Click camera for low res demo. 

Gone are the days of double broiler methods (nice if you have the time) but the microwave on 1/2 speed can be just as rewarding.  I started making chocolate Easter bunnies and such, ten years ago.  I read an article about all of the stuff put into commercial Easter chocolate and became determined to figure it out.  How easy it was, and to this day my children, now adults, just expect I will make chocolate during every holiday.

Truffles, everyone's favorite seem to be the most expensive item on the market--yet the most astoundingly easy to make.  Basically balls we show you how to make rolled into any spice or decor you like. 

How to Make Your Own Chocolate teaches you the difference between dark, milk chocolate and white chocolate wafers, how to use them al in various neat ways such as:  Chocolate dipped spoons, pretzels, fruit, candy canes, cookies, coffee beans, chocolate barks of various kinds, holiday type melt pouring and molding as well as other fascinating and simple tricks of the trade.  We will teach you even left over chocolate can be saved and used for fondues as well as simple shavings to ornament deserts or drinks. 




Can you think of anyone who does not love chocolate?  It is the gift of love and you will love how easy it is to make.  Consumers usually have a type of chocolate they are loyal to, such as I love dark.  Many people love only milk chocolate and some only white chocolate.  We cover all of these area's to ensure you are well rounded in your creations.  The video makes it so easy, even kids 12 and up can make great chocolate. 







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