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Video Descriptions

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Hard Copy DVD "How to" Videos             

Empower Yourself...


Hard Copies: $19.95 each


Mailed to you!

Entire TV DVD Collection (Best Value!)

The Entire Collection of TV DVD videos includes all seven titles below and is offered at $99.95 a value of $139.65 it is a very popular gift for a Crafter!
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      Learn how to make all kinds of candles, lip balm, body products, gift baskets, floral design and more, in the comfort of your own home.


Mabel on Demand Video for Download:

The Bathroom Chemist Video            Low Res Demo


Making Candles Pro Video                 Low Res Demo

Making Gift Baskets                              Low Res Demo
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each video is approximately 55 minutes in length.

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More video titles...

Floral Design 101 Vases                      Low Res Demo

Floral Design 102  Containers            Low Res Demo

Making Melt and Pour Soap                Low Res Demo
Melt and Pour Chocolates                   Low Res Demo



Floral Design Complete Package $59.95

1 Hour TV/DVD Floral Design in Vases  $19.95

1 Hour TV/DVD Floral Design in Containers $19.95

Floral Design Book and Reference Manual $19.95



Making Gift Baskets for Fun and Profit! $39.95

1 Hour PC/DVD Making Gift Baskets $19.95

Gift Basket Book and Reference Manual $19.95