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Tang the Dang Dishwasher

Bath Bombs for Your Dishwasher Recipe

The Best Vacuum on Earth $36.63

The Clorox Mop

Truly Soft Bed Sheets

Vacuum Salts

Homemade Febreeze Recipe

Making Rooms Sprays

Maid Holistic

Making Liquid Soaps Naturally

Home Decor

The Longest Lasting Light Bulbs

A Bed Fit for a Queen

How to Create a Long Lasting Window Box

Shabby Sheek Ways to Add Life to Your House

51 Ways to Add Life to Your Home  PDF

Making Wreath's Based on Your Garden Colors

Save Money: Revamp Your Old Christmas Decorations

Making Bubble Art

Simple Ways to Use Votive and Taper Candles

Home Projects

Making Large Outdoor Soy Candles

Hand Painting Glass Like a Pro

Plasti-Dip Your Tools

Making Personal Magnets

Ceramic Tile Making Made Easy

Making Sachets

Making Dream Pillows

Making Room Sprays

Repairing Stained Clothes

Spice Magnets

Making a Fireplace Starter Kit

Fire Place Starter Kits New Version

Pine Cone Fire Starters

52 Things to do with Mason Jars

101 Gift Ideas Under $5 Each

Restoring Teak and Teak Oil Formula

Making Your Own Art "Matik"


Ten Best Wines Under $15

Another Good Wine Under $10

For Guys Gifts: Ten Best Cigars under $15

Table Setting Architecture

How to make a Floral Arrangement

Edible Flower Petals

Garnishing DrinksGarnishing Drinks II

BBQ Sauce to Make and Share

Chai Basics

25 Ways to add Life to Your Table Settings PDF

Making a Candle in two minutes!

Iced Bottles with Roses

More Entertaining Ideas

Upgrading any desert with Liqueur

Home Aroma

Making Gifts Baskets

e-mail a Mabel Post Card

Food & Kitchen

Aroma Warmer Spice Mix

Best Kitchen Item for $19.95

Corn Casserole Recipe

What is a Chef?

The Chef's Kitchen

Organizing Spices and Utensils

The Power of Mason Jars

Pantry Basics

Herbs de Province Recipe

Things to Grind

Spice Magnets

Making Coconut Ice Cream

Making Your Own Granola

Making Gourmet Lollipops

Making Your Own Yogurt

Making Gourmet Coffee

Jasmine and Coconut Rice Recipe

Meat Rubs and Cache of Spices

Saving Chocolate

Fruit, Nut and Popcorn Balls

Food Color Poster Chart

Best No Bake Fruit Cake Recipe

Mabel's Turkey Brine Blend


In The Garden

Make Your Own Herb Garden (Great as a Gift)

Freezing Fresh Herbs in Ice Cube Trays

Defensive Gardening

Banana Smoothie Rose Feeding Recipe

Six Herbs by Numbers Map

Storing Seeds and Propagation

Making Large Soy Candles for Patios

Saving Seeds


Almond Milk Recipe

AU Natural Deodorant Recipe

Bee Pollen Oil Truly Heals

Better Than Vicks, Natural Decongestant

Breath Elixir Formula

Bug Off!  Natural Body Repellants

Body Ache Bath Salts

Canker Sore Relief

Chill Out Cocoa Recipe

Eczema and Shingles Support

Hydrosols Impact on Health

Kidney Stones: The Rock of Gibraltar

Making Skin Care Products that Heal

Master Tonic Recipe A Natural Antibiotic

Natural Wax Jelly

Home Spa

Clay Mask Recipes

Immediate Results! Scrubs

Massage Oil Mixing Chart

Morning Blast Smoothie Recipe

Oils that Heal

Rhassoul Clay & Hydrosol Facial Collections! 

Therapy Salt Blends

Waxing with Sugar

Craft Projects

Click Here for Pick Your Project

Making a Double Bow

Packaging Your Product Made Simple

Making Herbal Fire Starters and Wreaths


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Best of Mabel White Jokes, Video Clips, Etcetera-Sorted by Voted Best

Submitted by Various Persons

Cold Weather Alert (Short Video)

Anger Management

For the Ladies

Tips for Holiday Dining

Good Housekeeping 1955

A Mom's Resume

The Dam Beaver Story

Resume of Jesus Christ

A Funny Customer's Perspective on Trying to Sell Crafts

Larry the Cable Guy's Version of Night Before Christmas

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